Flow Sensor TS-FM, dynamic, analog

Flow Sensor TS-FM, dynamic, analog

Measuring ranges: 1 ... 80 ltr. / Min.

Optionally with small quantity measuring range: 0.4 ... 6 Ltr. / Min.

Analog outputs (mA, V, frequency)

Compact design, low pressure loss and high overload safety

Very short reaction time

product description Flow Sensor TS-FM, dynamic, analog

Flow sensor TS-FM with dynamic aperture and analog output

A thin spring-mounted shutter out of stainless steel, covering the entire flow cross-section, is deflected by the flowing liquid and attaches itself to an arcuate stop. A plastic-encapsulated magnet is mounted directly on the stainless steel shutter. When the shutter gets deflected its magnetic field changes, which is detected by a sensor outside the flow space. The integrated evaluation electronics detects the displacement of the diaphragm dependent on the flow, evaluates it and converts it into an analog standard signal (4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V DC). As soon as smallest flows are pending, the shutter is inevitably deflected. Therefore, already very small flows can be reliably detected. The measuring range of the TS-FM can be selected in the range of 1 ... 80 ltr. / Min..

The evaluation of the entire flow cross-section allows an unproblematic pipeline routing. Inlet and outlet sections to quiet down the flowing media are not required. Due to the shaped shutter stop and the spring properties of the panel, even heavy water line shocks can be absorbed. The small number of wetted parts guarantees low tendency to fouling and reliable operation. Optionally, a sensor version for the small quantity measuring range: of 0.4 ... 6 Ltr. / Min. or a high-temperature version of the TS-FM is available.

All-metal housing design

The standard version of the TS-FM has a plastic body with a compressive strength of 16 bar. As an option, a metal body (nickel-plated brass or stainless steel) with a compressive strength of 100 bar is available. The higher operating pressure requires a combination with metal fittings.

Further technical information can be found in the data sheet of the TS-FM.