Electronic level switch TS-LSD 30

Electronic level switch TS-LSD 30

Electronic level switch with rotatable 14-segment LED display

Measuring ranges 189, 309, 349, 459, 669 mm

Easy menu navigation according to the VDMA standard

User-friendly 3-button operation

Up to 2 switching outputs and 1 analog output possible

product description Electronic level switch TS-LSD 30

The electronic level switch TST-LSD 30 is designed for level monitoring in a wide variety of applications, such as mechanical engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics or water and pump technology. The TST-LSD 30 operates by means of a resistance measuring chain with reed switches inside the 8 mm stainless steel standpipe. A NBR float glides over the standpipe according to the liquid level. The device has got an easy-to-read and robust 14-segment LED display, a user-friendly 3-button operation and easy menu navigation according to the VDMA standard.

During commissioning, the TST-LSD 30 electronic level switch can be flexibly adapted to any installation situation. The lower housing part out of the stainless steel sensor and the display part made of glass-fiber reinforced PBT plastic are double-turnable. The display and the electrical M12x1 connection can be rotated independently of each other by more than 300 °. Therefore the display can always be aligned in the direction of the operator and the M12x1 connector according to the desired cable routing. If the device is to be installed overhead, the displayed value can be rotated electronically by 180°.

The float used is made of NBR, the display part of glass fiber reinforced PBT plastic. The standpipe, the process connection, as well as the remaining housing and the thread connection of the electrical plug made of stainless steel. Over-tightening or tearing off the plug is almost impossible.

The TST-LSD 30 electronic level switch is available in five different measuring lengths (189, 309, 349, 459, 669 mm). If the entire liquid level of the container is higher as the range covered by the standpipe,  an additional preset value can be set in the sensor. In addition to the current fill level, the display also shows the minimum and maximum fill levels. For the switching outputs, delay times can be programmed to compensate waves or movements inside the container. The resolution of the measurement is < 6 mm, the response time < 700 ms.

The TST-LSD 30 is approved up to a maximum operating pressure of 3 bar. The process connection can be either a G 3/4 "type E male tread or 3/4 NPT connector. The TST-LSD 30 can be equipped with one or two PNP or NPN switching outputs, and an additional 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V DC analog output. All the above combinations are optionally available with additional IO-Link.

Further details on the electronic pressure switch TST-LSD 30 can be found in the data sheet.