DC injection brake EMB 4000

DC injection brake EMB 4000

Adjustable braking time

DIN rail mounting (Standard 10 A, option 17 ... 58 A

)Auto Mode – DC - injection

Preventing mechanical wear

product description DC injection brake EMB 4000


  • The EMB electronic motor brake provides fast, smooth and frictionless stopping of a three phase induction motor by injecting controlled DC current to the motor windings after the mains contactor opened.
  • Preventing mechanical wear
  • Reducing stopping time of high inertia loads
  • Adjustable braking time
  • Auto stop - DC injection stops when motor stops
  • DIN rail mounting (Standard 10 A, option 17 ... 58 A)
  • Easy installation and operation


  • Braking Torque – determines the DC current level, injected to the motor windings
  • Two operation modes:
    1. Auto mode: DC injection stops automatically when motor stops.
    2. Manual mode: DC injection stops after the the pre-adjusted braking time. This mode can be used to “hold“ the load at stand still.

Displays & LEDs

  • On – mains voltage connected
  • Braking contactor closed
  • DC injection on


  • Circular and band saws
  • Machine tools
  • Fast stopping of high inertia loads
  • Emergency stop (as long as mains supply remains on)