Flow Sensor TS-FK 12

Flow Sensor TS-FK 12

Calorimetric flow sensor in 12 mm stainless steel housing

Applicable in numerous nominal pipe sizes

Measuring range: liquids with 2 ... 150 cm/s or 3 ... 300 cm/s

Output signal proportional to the flow velocity

0/4 ... 20 mA or 0/2 ... 10 V DC analogue, frequency or switching output

product description Flow Sensor TS-FK 12

The flow sensor TS-FK 12 ... is designed to monitor the flow of non-viscous liquids. A version for the measurement of gases is available on request. The TS-FK 12 works according to the calorimetric measuring principle. For this purpose, the compact stainless steel sensor housing with a diameter of 12 mm is introduced directly into stream in the pipeline by means of a through-fitting. The housing of the TS-FK 12 is available in three lengths, so that the sensor can be used in numerous pipe sizes.

When mounting, make sure that the flow sensor has a directional dependence. The sensor tip should be in 1/3 to 1/2 of the pipe diameter. The compressive strength of the TS-FK 12 is up to 40 bar, depending on the through-fitting used, which are available separately in different versions as accessories. It is recommended to choose a sensor mounting position that can provide straight inlet and outlet sections as long as possible.
These calming section for the measuring media are necessary to achieve a measurement result as accurate as possible. Recommended is at least 5 times the pipe diameter before and after the measuring point.

The electrical connection is made using M12x1 circular connector. The integrated 16-bit processor takes over the temperature compensation and linearization of the calorimetric signal (measurement of heat dissipation at the sensor tip by the flowing medium). This is proportional to the flow velocity. The sensor electronics of the TS-FK12 convert the measurement result into the desired output signal. It can be selected between 0/4 ... 20 mA or 0/2 ... 10 V DC analogue output signal, a frequency output or a switching output.

Optionally, the TS-FK 12 can be delivered in a programmable version, so-called "teach-in". The programmability must be specified when ordering, otherwise the device is not programmable. By means of the "Teach-In", the full scale value can be set on-site by the user for each steam present.

Type designation TS-FK 12 ...
TS-FK12-I...  = Analog output 0/4 ... 20 mA
TS-FK12-U... = Analog output 0/2 ... 10 V DC
TS-FK12-F... = Frequency output signal (Maximum value: 2000 Hz)
TS-FK12-S... = Switching output