Level controller TS-NW3

Level controller TS-NW3

Filling and draining of tanks and reservoirs

Monitoring of wells

Dry-running protection

product description Level controller TS-NW3


  • Level monitoring of non-flammable electrical conductive liquids
  • Filling and draining of tanks and reservoirs
  • Well monitoring
  • Dry-running protection


  • Mounting width 22,5 mm
  • Two change-over contacts
  • Connection ports for up to three immersion electrodes
  • Repeatability 0,01 %
  • Resistance range 5 up to 50 kΩ, adjustable

The TS-NW3 level controler devices are level relays used for monitoring the levels of non-flammable electrical conductive liquids. The supply voltage must be applied to terminals A1 and A2 during operation of the devices. Single-terminal immersion electrodes are used for measuring the level limit values. The test circuit of the electronic control is electrically isolated from the power supply, The electrode voltage is 12 V AC.


Immersion electrode EL-V, immersion electrode EL-1