Electronic Pump control EPS-MT

Electronic Pump control EPS-MT

Electronic pump control of 2-phase pumps

Pressure switch and dry running protection in one unit

Automatical restart after "dry running" identify

Optional cable with molded plug and cable with molded coupling

product description Electronic Pump control EPS-MT


  • Booster stations
  • Domestic waterworks
  • Garden pumps
  • Sprinkle irrigation units

The electronic pump control EPS-MT combines the function of both mechanical pressure switch and flow-control (dry running protection) in one unit.
The EPS-MT controlsand protects AC-powered pumps convincingly. The application range is limited to pumps with a max. pressure of up to 10 bar,
for higher operating pressures a pressure-reducing regulator has to be installed on the intake side.The readiness for operation is indicated
by a green LED. Failures are displayed by a red LED.
Directly after connection to the electrical power supply the pump will start automatically and the EPS-MT will immediately take over the control function. If the piping system is under pressure, but no flow is detected, the EPS-MT will cut off the pump after a short time delay.
If the system pressure decreases below the preadjusted start-up pressure (factory setting 1,5 bar) the pump will restart. In case of no pressure and flow is detected after the pump restart, the EPS-MT will identify this status within short time as „dry running“ and switch off the pump.
At frequent intervals of 60 minutes the pump control automatically checks for sufficient amount of water in the system.
If enough water is detected, the EPS-MT will reset to normal operating modus. After four repeating attempts without sufficient water in the system
the pump control finally performs the troublecode „dry-running“ and must then be resetted manually.
The system pressure is displayed by the integrated bolt-on manometer.




See data sheet for technical details.