Reed contact float switches

Level limit float switch from TIVAL Sensors GmbH

Level limit float switch with two switching points

Stainless steel Guide tube

Different types of floats available

Fill-level probe length 100 … 1900 mm

Level limit Float switch TS-RFS

Liquid level probe/sensor, reed-contact equipped

Float pipe available in a choice of materials, PVC, PP, PVDF or stainless steel

Up to a maximum of 5 reed-modules per application

Float lever equipped with permanent magnet

Floater switch TS-MPS

Monitoring and control of 1 to 5 liquid levels

3 operating modes: filling, emptying and level monitoring

Number of reed-modules adjustable to scale

Level control TS-NIA

For use in potable and waste water

Sidewall mounting in tanks

Inside or outside mounting

Float switches LS 303-51 and 803-51

Level limit float switch with single switching point

Compact design, right-angled construction

Configurable as NO or NC contact

Output: reed contact

Level limit Float switch TS-NSR